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Millennials With Power

“If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong.” ― Germany Kent

In this tech-savvy world we live in, I find it essential to inform my fellow gardeners and readers just how important social media is when it comes to showcasing your work.

We often focus on the benefits of gardening. However, there is one benefit we keep on the back burner, which is social networking. I started this blog to demonstrate how important it is to take what you enjoy most and create a safe atmosphere that showcases your work in a positive way.

Social media has paved a new route for people to connect and engage with anything or anyone, instantaneously. It serves as a platform for gardeners, like myself, to build an organic relationship with their followers (no pun intended). It is the best way to build a presence and leave lasting impressions with fans that love what you do.

I want to change the way people see millennials by using social media and build substance within my company. More importantly, I want to teach my peers that it is possible to use social media platforms, which are free, to navigate their way into the marketing world.

Social media has played a very important role when it comes to marketing for OBF. It operates and is controlled completely on your terms. The brand and the image you want to convey is crucial because your marketing techniques will have a lasting affect on each and every person that comes across your page.

Why should we create close connections with our fans?

You know the phrase, you are what you eat? Well, this correlates strongly with the posts you share on social media platforms. People will remember your brand if you are passionate about what is being promoted. That silly tweet you posted on Twitter a week ago, will be shared and that Facebook post that was boosted for the public to see, will be remembered.

My advice: Be as authentic and genuine as possible, never fake it.

We all want a sincere relationship with our followers. This is one of the many reasons why my blog is so important to my company and I. OBF is built upon authenticity.

My confidence is built when I grow something. I know I have done some good in the world when I share these thoughts with you. I encourage you to find your niche and use the technology provided to us in a resourceful way.

Use your time wisely, spread the word about social networking and continue to get your hands dirty in the garden.

Happy Hump Day! #letsgrowsomething

X, Carly

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Our Greenhouse

Words of Wisdom: Be apart of a company with like-minded individuals who serve the same purpose you do ∞

When you wake up everyday doing what you love most, you will never work a day in your life. For the past 3 years, that is exactly what I have done. Watching a business that you love grow before your very eyes is a feeling like no other. 

The dedication Renée Mongiovi and my OBF team members have put into this company is truly a story in of itself. We have learned to trust the journey that has led OBF to its 10th growing season this year.

Today the company continues to thrive!

It all started right here…


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I consider her story the American Dream. After 20+ years, Renée Mongiovi left the corporate world to live out her passion as a master gardener. She has built this business from the ground up with the help of her husband and son who always believed in her. They had given up a portion of their home to create a business she always dreamed of. The great room inside their home soon became the core of it all. I have known my boss since I was 13 years old and can whole heartedly say her optimism has rubbed off on us all, especially me. 

The culture we established is the key to it all. This is something we have all anticipated for the company, and it is finally here!!!

Look at us now…


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You are looking at OBF’s new addition to the company! Our greenhouse in Morganville New Jersey is on the fast track to Spring 2018!

The experience I share with my OBF team members will always be priceless to me.  It has been my dream to see this company reach its highest potential with the individuals who were there from the beginning. I can confidently say, OBF has succeeded in its journey and embraced its path to a long-awaited adventure. 

Our dream has now become a reality!

The preparation is almost complete to start growing this season. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with OBF and watch it grow before my very eyes.

2018 is going to be our year. Lets get to work crew!

X, Carly 

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Hello Friends!

In case you haven’t heard the awesome news…

Oasis Backyard Farms will be continuing the great work of Caramore Farm! We’ll be offering wonderfully fresh, natural and organically grown fruits, vegetables and flowers to our members in 2018!

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Ever since the 2017 growing season ended, I’ve done some damage to my bank account…  While strolling through Wegman’s last night, I looked down to a cart filled with locally grown, organic produce and wine when I heard my bank account yell … “Enough already!!!”

Luckily, I told my small friend to take a hike because #CSA day is among us!!! I am committed to shopping as organically as possible but the upcoming growing season cannot come fast enough.

This Friday, February 23rd, will be dedicated to celebrating community-supported agriculture that supports your local farmer!!!

Our Market CSA model means more flexibility and more of the veggies you love the most!

  • Harvest Market members get first pick of the farms’ freshly harvested veggies all at a discounted rate!
  • As a Member, you have the flexibility to choose what you want and only when you want it. There’s no pre-set weekly amount…If you only need a little, take just a little… Need a lot? Take lots! Summiting K2 next month?… Skip the whole month! No more take it or loose it!
  • Our “Harvest Card” keeps track of your account balance automatically AND your balance never expires!
  • We’ll be open for convenient pickup/shopping exclusively for our Harvest Market members two days each week.
  • We’ll also be open to the public after our valued CSA members have purchased their goodies. Harvest Market members are welcome to browse and pickup anytime – even when we’re open to the public (your members discount is always locked in!)
  • OBF will also be hosting small, members’ only events at the farm. We want to engage CSA families to take part in like-minded healthy awareness! Announcements to come…

Here’s how to get started…

  1. Click – 2018 Harvest Card
  2. Download and fill out an application & choose your discount level.
  3. Mail your application and check or email it to us and pay online
  4. We’ll mail your Harvest Card and you’ll be ready for a healthy and delicious growing season.

#CSAday #letsgrowsomething #OBF

X, Carly





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Going Crazy For Cucamelons!

Cucamelon Who?

What the heck is a Cucamelon and why haven’t I, “the garden guru,” heard of this before?

Well, if you were wondering they are my new obsession and are now available on our 2018 selection list for the upcoming growing season! Woot Woot!


Even though I want to call it a vegetable, it is actually a fruit that looks like a grape-sized watermelon but tastes more like a lime-dipped cucumber!!!
After doing some research I found out they originated in Mexico and Central America. This super food is stored with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that come with HUGE health benefits in a tiny package.
It is said, cucamelons lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and guard against premature aging … SO, why am I paying $300 at the spa once a month when I can pop a few cucamelons and say goodbye to wrinkles!
You’re not likely going to find this fruit at any supermarket but the good news is OBF will be growing them this season so stop by and grab a few cucamelons at our farmers stand on Pleasant Valley road in Morganville, New Jersey 1/4 mile east of the Conover road intersection, on the left.
This cute little melon can be used for pickling, non-alcoholic/alcoholic drinks, salsas, stir-fry and so much more…
Below are a few recipes I found to be yummy! Enjoy
Pickled Cucamelons !
Bread and Butter Pickles !
Marinated Mexican sour Gherkins !
X, Carly.
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Community Supported Agriculture

Happy Valentine’s Day!


February is filled with love, especially for our farmers who are building relationships with members of Community Supported Agriculture.

We often hear the question: What is the real meaning behind National CSA Day?

National CSA Day is held on February 23rd and is dedicated to the celebration of Community Supported Agriculture.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.49.50 PM

I want to share with you guys just how important participating in a CSA is, and how your contribution to our farm will benefit the both of us!

In simple terms, a CSA participant purchases the access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally by local farmers (like OBF) all season long at a discount!

As you may know, a farmers growing season begins around early March through late November depending on our ever changing environment …

You might ask: What am I signing up for exactly and why now?

When the New Year begins, farmers do not have a steady flow of income or revenue. By participating early your local farmer can plan for the season. We purchase new seeds, prepare the land, plant our seedlings and compensate all our farm loving employees that help make this happen.

This all lends itself to a wonderful harvesting season for all CSA Members!

Why join a CSA?

  • Eat Healthy Quality Food – Locally grown, organic, farm-to-table produce has higher antioxidant and nutritional content then other conventionally raised produce that has often been shipped from miles away.
  • Community – Your support helps small local farms continue to thrive as operating businesses while producing, local, Non-GMO foods that are healthy for you. Minimizing Big Ag reliance!
  • Interactive – Get your hands dirty! CSA’s offer the opportunity for… pick your own veggiesGarden arrow

We encourage you to get the gardening/farming bug, especially with your children!

Join OBF in the Harvest…

How to sign up with Oasis Backyard Farms!



  1. Click –2018 Harvest Card
  2.  Download and fill out an application & choose your discount level.
  3. Mail your application and check or email it to us and pay online – (24 Hillcrest Drive, Colts Neck NJ, 07722)
  4. We will mail you your Harvest Card (application must be received in order for us to mail)

Sign up with Oasis Backyard Farms by #CSADay (February 23rd)

The first 100 complete application/payments will receive a FREE tote bag that is included in your membership!


Thank you for supporting OBF on our journey.


161 Pleasant Valley Road Morganville, New Jersey 07751

#CSAday #Letsgrowsomething #OBF


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Growing Local With OBF!


What’s going on garden enthusiasts! It’s me, your garden guru, Carly Whalen. It is a pleasure to introduce and welcome you to Oasis Backyard Farm’s first blog. I am so excited to engage and connect with organic lovers who strive for environmentally sustainable lifestyles like me!

Oasis Backyard Farms was founded in 2009 by Renée Mongiovi (my boyfriends mom and lovely boss might I add) whose vision came to life after leaving the corporate world for 20 + years. She invested all of her efforts in creating a business that would help others find the same satisfaction she had for growing healthy and organic non-GMO foods right from their backyard!

The nature of our company focuses on installing organic gardens in the Garden State, specifically in Monmouth County, New Jersey. OBF has created and maintained over 500 individual garden projects for homeowners, charitable organizations, and schools across New Jersey. Aside from installation, we have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, which will be ramping up significantly with an acquisition of a local farm property in Morganville, New Jersey!

I have had the honor of working and growing with this business for three years now! We have come incredibly far and I am so proud of what our team has accomplished. Our dream as an organic non-GMO gardening business has blossomed into something outstanding. OBF’s goals for the company are coming to life and I can’t wait to bring you along our journey.

This dark and gloomy day here in Monmouth County, NJ has just become a little brighter. I was born with this passion, which I feel is important to share with the world. Remember who you are and where you came from and I promise you will thrive in whatever you dip your toes into. Let’s step outside our boundaries and remember what is important to us. For me, I was born to garden.

I look forward to expanding my knowledge as a new blogger and I hope to enlighten your understanding and view on organic sustainable living.

In the meantime, lets grow something! Let the adventure begin, garden lovers.

#letsgrowsomething #OBF

X, Carly

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