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Community Supported Agriculture

Happy Valentine’s Day!


February is filled with love, especially for our farmers who are building relationships with members of Community Supported Agriculture.

We often hear the question: What is the real meaning behind National CSA Day?

National CSA Day is held on February 23rd and is dedicated to the celebration of Community Supported Agriculture.

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I want to share with you guys just how important participating in a CSA is, and how your contribution to our farm will benefit the both of us!

In simple terms, a CSA participant purchases the access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally by local farmers (like OBF) all season long at a discount!

As you may know, a farmers growing season begins around early March through late November depending on our ever changing environment …

You might ask: What am I signing up for exactly and why now?

When the New Year begins, farmers do not have a steady flow of income or revenue. By participating early your local farmer can plan for the season. We purchase new seeds, prepare the land, plant our seedlings and compensate all our farm loving employees that help make this happen.

This all lends itself to a wonderful harvesting season for all CSA Members!

Why join a CSA?

  • Eat Healthy Quality Food – Locally grown, organic, farm-to-table produce has higher antioxidant and nutritional content then other conventionally raised produce that has often been shipped from miles away.
  • Community – Your support helps small local farms continue to thrive as operating businesses while producing, local, Non-GMO foods that are healthy for you. Minimizing Big Ag reliance!
  • Interactive – Get your hands dirty! CSA’s offer the opportunity for… pick your own veggiesGarden arrow

We encourage you to get the gardening/farming bug, especially with your children!

Join OBF in the Harvest…

How to sign up with Oasis Backyard Farms!



  1. Click –2018 Harvest Card
  2.  Download and fill out an application & choose your discount level.
  3. Mail your application and check or email it to us and pay online – (24 Hillcrest Drive, Colts Neck NJ, 07722)
  4. We will mail you your Harvest Card (application must be received in order for us to mail)

Sign up with Oasis Backyard Farms by #CSADay (February 23rd)

The first 100 complete application/payments will receive a FREE tote bag that is included in your membership!


Thank you for supporting OBF on our journey.


161 Pleasant Valley Road Morganville, New Jersey 07751

#CSAday #Letsgrowsomething #OBF


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