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Hello Friends!

In case you haven’t heard the awesome news…

Oasis Backyard Farms will be continuing the great work of Caramore Farm! We’ll be offering wonderfully fresh, natural and organically grown fruits, vegetables and flowers to our members in 2018!

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Ever since the 2017 growing season ended, I’ve done some damage to my bank account…  While strolling through Wegman’s last night, I looked down to a cart filled with locally grown, organic produce and wine when I heard my bank account yell … “Enough already!!!”

Luckily, I told my small friend to take a hike because #CSA day is among us!!! I am committed to shopping as organically as possible but the upcoming growing season cannot come fast enough.

This Friday, February 23rd, will be dedicated to celebrating community-supported agriculture that supports your local farmer!!!

Our Market CSA model means more flexibility and more of the veggies you love the most!

  • Harvest Market members get first pick of the farms’ freshly harvested veggies all at a discounted rate!
  • As a Member, you have the flexibility to choose what you want and only when you want it. There’s no pre-set weekly amount…If you only need a little, take just a little… Need a lot? Take lots! Summiting K2 next month?… Skip the whole month! No more take it or loose it!
  • Our “Harvest Card” keeps track of your account balance automatically AND your balance never expires!
  • We’ll be open for convenient pickup/shopping exclusively for our Harvest Market members two days each week.
  • We’ll also be open to the public after our valued CSA members have purchased their goodies. Harvest Market members are welcome to browse and pickup anytime – even when we’re open to the public (your members discount is always locked in!)
  • OBF will also be hosting small, members’ only events at the farm. We want to engage CSA families to take part in like-minded healthy awareness! Announcements to come…

Here’s how to get started…

  1. Click – 2018 Harvest Card
  2. Download and fill out an application & choose your discount level.
  3. Mail your application and check or email it to us and pay online
  4. We’ll mail your Harvest Card and you’ll be ready for a healthy and delicious growing season.

#CSAday #letsgrowsomething #OBF

X, Carly





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