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Our Greenhouse

Words of Wisdom: Be apart of a company with like-minded individuals who serve the same purpose you do ∞

When you wake up everyday doing what you love most, you will never work a day in your life. For the past 3 years, that is exactly what I have done. Watching a business that you love grow before your very eyes is a feeling like no other. 

The dedication Renée Mongiovi and my OBF team members have put into this company is truly a story in of itself. We have learned to trust the journey that has led OBF to its 10th growing season this year.

Today the company continues to thrive!

It all started right here…


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I consider her story the American Dream. After 20+ years, Renée Mongiovi left the corporate world to live out her passion as a master gardener. She has built this business from the ground up with the help of her husband and son who always believed in her. They had given up a portion of their home to create a business she always dreamed of. The great room inside their home soon became the core of it all. I have known my boss since I was 13 years old and can whole heartedly say her optimism has rubbed off on us all, especially me. 

The culture we established is the key to it all. This is something we have all anticipated for the company, and it is finally here!!!

Look at us now…


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You are looking at OBF’s new addition to the company! Our greenhouse in Morganville New Jersey is on the fast track to Spring 2018!

The experience I share with my OBF team members will always be priceless to me.  It has been my dream to see this company reach its highest potential with the individuals who were there from the beginning. I can confidently say, OBF has succeeded in its journey and embraced its path to a long-awaited adventure. 

Our dream has now become a reality!

The preparation is almost complete to start growing this season. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with OBF and watch it grow before my very eyes.

2018 is going to be our year. Lets get to work crew!

X, Carly 

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