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Growing With Children: Mind, Body & Soul



My fondest memory as a child is playing in the garden, of course. As I grew up, I could not ignore how lucky I was to have a space of my own to grow right in my backyard. 

Creating an opportunity for children to grow is a goal OBF and I have in common. Gardening does not require a large plot of land or immense sunlight. Don’t let gardening scare you! Even if you don’t feel the urge to garden, try to encourage your little ones to grow. There is an abundance of DIY projects out there to get you started! Check out our Pinterest page to spark an idea.

Gardening with children is a perfect way to build early management, motor and control skills while they move around, carry tools, plant tiny seeds and gain knowledge. Their balance will strengthen and their muscles will grow. Early exposure benefits a child’s mind, body and soul.


It has been scientifically proven that getting your hands dirty in the garden can improve children’s mental and physical health.

Children’s natural curiosity sparks them to ask questions like: Why are bees good for plants? What do these bugs do? How does the plant “drink” water? Why do plants need sunlight to live?

As their interest grows, you will soon be sharing all the knowledge you have with them and discuss greater intellectual concepts like, composition, photosynthesis, and time management. How awesome is that?

Gardening can control their impulses, develop strong immune systems and get them outside, away from those computer screens. The natural stimulation of being outside is enough for children to connect with the world they are so curious about.


Children are often more willing to try a new food if they have been involved in the process of growing it. Gardening will become a project for the kids; they will feel a sense of accomplishment from beginning to end. 

Their efforts in the garden will yield huge results and in turn boost their self-esteem and interest in the garden. The farm to table experience will build a connection between them and the meal on their plate.

It sure beats a trip to the grocery store and we all know how that story goes. “Jack, Jack? Jack where are you?!” The garden is a safe bet, I can assure you!

The great news is this part of gardening is a no brainer. Fruits and vegetables are vitally important to sustain a healthy diet but those supermarket “fresh” foods are not being consumed for a significant amount of time following harvest. Luckily, your gardens same-day harvest of fresh produce will be at its highest nutrient level. As long as fresh produce undergo minimal storage and are handled properly (C/F), they are superior to processed produce in terms of vitamins and nutrients.


Nature has been held in higher regard for centuries. It is therapeutic and helps our bodies heal naturally, sometimes without even realizing it. Horticulture therapy is now being offered! How great is this world?

American Horticulture Therapy Association guides individuals in rehabilitation through the process of gardening. Garden rehabilitation stimulates consciousness and control from the worries you may have.

There is no need for medicine when soil is a natural antidepressant. It has a similar effect on the brain and mirrors the neurons that drugs like Prozac provide. The chemicals found within our soil actually make us happy! Who knew, right?

Click for more information on How Dirt Makes You Happy!

We encourage children to become involved in our growing process throughout the OBF season. It is so important for them to see where our food comes from. Teaching your children how to garden gives them a sense of accomplishment that in turn creates a sustainable and healthy lifestyle from beginning to end. 

If you need help growing or have any questions, feel free to give us a call and say hi!!!

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Happy Friday! #letsgrowsomething

X, Carly