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10 Reasons To Keep A Garden Journal

“ The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.”  – Gertrude Jekyll 

Author: Rebecca Truscott-Elves

A rule of thumb: The more you invest into a garden the more you will be rewarded.

I find myself searching for new learning curves and ways that will actually make me enjoy diving into a book. It is pointless to buy a dull notebook that doesn’t intrigue you to write or sketch your ideas in the garden.

I recently picked up the Illustrated Gardening Journal that comes from a London based publishing company called Cicada Books. This book is simply the foundation of my ideas and stories that I will bring to life during the garden season. I may sound very optimistic but it all seems so possible with this book. A sketch is often the purest form an idea.

Every season, I emerge myself into a notebook that’s just right for me. Most of the time, I’m not even looking for it.

Anything colorful, recycled and authentic is my go to when it comes to preparing for the new season.


Physically writing in a journal will improve your gardening skills, almost like studying season after season. Recording when and where you left off is key to improving your work. When it is time reflect back on past seasons, you will be prepared. This will help minimize your mistakes and maximize your successes.

The accomplishments and disappointments of your past create a storyline that develops into a timeline of events. Being observant and recording everything you see and do in a day will help you tremendously in the long run.

Trying to remember what you did a few days back or even a year ago in your garden is very difficult!

Now that I’m mentioning it, where did 2017 go anyway? #Spring2018

Time flies and having a journal will make it easier on your memory. You’ll never miss a beat!


Unfortunately, nature is not always going to be fair with you. But, what if you were prepared for those frustrating turn of events?

Wouldn’t you feel so much better if you were ready for these misgivings and able to be in control before they happen?

The lessons you will learn become an experience. Gardeners will always learn something new each season. That is the best part of our hobby!

Here are my 10 thoughts on what should be inside your garden journal…


  1. Make a list of what you would like in the garden – Take some time to research your produce, after all your going to be eating it so you might as well enjoy what you invest your time into.
  2. List any specific information on how/where to grow your produce if you’re a beginner. It’s okay to mess up, that’s what your Journal should help you with in the seasons to come.
  3. Sketch a rough design of what you imagine your garden to look like! Check out our Pinterest page to spark some ideas!


  4. Date EVERYTHING! Jot down important notes that INCLUDE dates to keep track of expected harvest dates, how much you were able to harvest, specific pest damage, weather patterns, last succession seeding and so on!
  5. Take NOTES! From personal experience, taking notes on your harvest and how much you were able to harvest will serve as valuable information for the next season. If you find your family eating a ton of lettuce but can’t look at another zucchini till next year, you will be able to adjust this in the next season.


  6. Write down your GOALS! Any time you have an idea, write it down and come back to it later. These might include, natural pest control ideas, garden expansion projects, recipes, DIY projects and so on.
  7. Research Pest and Disease Problems that may occur in your garden. There are many organic methods to get rid of pests and disease. Google is your best friend. Did you know garlic spray is a natural repellent to get rid of insects or pests?
  8. During the full season, list some specifics regarding your produce – Is it a hit or miss for your liking? Did it yield enough produce? How much real estate did it take up in your garden? Would you plant it again?


  9. Make some notes on the wildlife that comes to visit your garden or even take a photo and paste it into your journal! Gardening brings many beneficial bugs, birds, bees, butterflies and more to the whole experience of gardening.
  10. Capture pictures – each season your garden will be unique and different than the last. Taking photos over time is a fun way to accumulate your progress as a gardener!


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Have fun creating your garden journal!

X, Carly