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Meet Our Crew

Renee.jpgRenee Mongiovi: Founder & Owner of Oasis Backyard Farms. I was introduced to vegetable gardening as a child and back then it was more of a necessity for our family, but I loved it! As I continued to garden into my adult years, gardening became both a wonderful hobby and a way to help others learn more about the benefits of healthy foods. In 2008 I left my corporate job to dedicate myself full time to helping others find the same satisfaction I have found by “Growing Something!” I’d like to introduce you to my wonderfully dedicated, key staff members. Without them, none of this would be possible! Please come visit us on the farm where all the magic, hard work, and inspiration happens.


meCarly Whalen (Blogger): Marketing Business Development Manager at Oasis Backyard Farms. I started working with Oasis Backyard Farms in 2016 which guided me into a field that I’ve always had a passion for! I started this blog to share my knowledge with the world and how important it is to strive for what you believe in. For me, the most important resource in our lives is the dirt under our feet. Gardening is the most useful and fascinating hobbies you can learn at any age. It has played a tremendous role in my life and has guided me in a direction that I never thought possible. Utilizing the natural resources available to us and creating a sustainable lifestyle that fits your needs is easier than you think. Don’t be afraid, take chances and live your life to the fullest potential. I want to be apart of this agriculture revolution forever! Eat Local 🌱 Grow Local





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Bern2.pngBernadette Seneca: This year will be my fourth season at Oasis Backyard Farms.  I have always loved gardening so when I moved to Colts Neck I searched for some help and found OBF. The staff taught me the ins and outs of organic gardening and I loved it. After a few seasons I took over the maintenance of my garden.  In 2014, Renee offered me a job and I’ve been there ever since. There’s nothing like harvesting from your own garden, sharing your bounty with friends and family and of course, eating it all.  My garden is my backyard oasis, my “me” time at 6 a.m. when most people are still in bed; it’s me and the birds. Working at OBF allows me to share my love for gardening with others.

RJ.jpgRJ Poggioli: Since I was a young boy I have had a strong desire to help others and the environment. In response to this desire I have dedicated the last 5 years of my life to gaining hands on experience and learning the art of regenerative/organic/biodynamic agricultural practices. I have had gardening experiences and mentors all over the country and world, from Indiana to India, and the privilege to share the goal of starting a family farm with my younger brother in Howell, NJ. The glorified version of what I aim to do is: Mindfully alter landscapes, while playing in the soil barefoot, which helps Mother Nature to thrive and humans to sustain themselves. Various leisure activities, such as meditation, yoga, cooking delicious meals, drumming, hiking, camping, (and more recently) painting and foraging allow me to dive deep into my Self and bring a heart-centered passion to what I do on the farm. I joined Oasis Backyard Farms in 2014 and have worked on and off since. When I heard about the opportunity to support the CSA that OBF would be starting this season, I eagerly jumped on board. I align myself with OBF’s focus of creating a strong community around nutritious food, while caring for the environment in an ecologically conscious way. OBF has played a large role in helping my brother and I start our own family farm project, and we will continue to work with and support each other as fellow stewards of the land. I love spending my days out in the “green office” and my one wish is to inspire others to find what they love and live it!

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Version 2David Druze: Hey everybody! I’ve been growing for a few years now but only have about 2 years on the job experience. I started in my backyard and my love for growing evolved from there. I recently moved back here from San Diego where I grew food in people’s yards and at elementary schools. I’m very excited to learn more here in NJ and I’m stoked to join the OBF team! I look forward to working with you all and can’t wait to get started.

Instagram: nj_farmerdave 

Zac.jpgZach Cavaluzzi: Hello all! I have been gardening with my dad in our backyard since I was a toddler and have since picked it up as a hobby. Last year was my first season working OBF and it was great. I am primarily a fine artist and illustrator ( and am currently entering my second year at Kean University studying graphic design. I look forward to this upcoming growing season with OBF!


nicole.JPGNicole Salas: Hi, everyone! I’m so happy to be a part of this team! A little about me, I have only been farming for 2 seasons but am very passionate about it and aspire to someday be a full-time farmer. Until then, you can find me working at Talula’s Pizza or volunteering (aka petting cats) at Catsbury Park, which are both located in Asbury Park. I look forward to this season with my OBF crew!



Julie.jpgJulie Mason: Hi all! I have only been gardening for a few years now as a hobby. My passion and love for the earth grew not only through gardening, but with the cultivation of my yoga practice, meditation, and plant-based cooking. I recently just graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute and I am looking forward to the hands on experience of growing the food, rather than preparing it. You can often find me teaching yoga around the area! I look forward to deepening my connection with Mother Earth, and growing this season with the OBF family!


Stop by during our farm hours and meet your local farmers 🙂

X, Carly